Humanities 102 students in front of the Burke Museum
Humanities 102 students in front of the Burke Museum
Humanities 103 students visit the Duwamish Longhouse and Museum
Humanities 103 Students at Duwamish Longhouse
Humanities 103 students enter the Japanese Garden in Seattle's Arboretum
Humanities 103 Students at Japanese Garden
Students from Humanities 103 viewing the interior of the Suquamish Museum
Humanities 103 Students in the Suquamish Museum
Humanities 103 students listen to a survivor of the Japanese Exclusion share her experiences of being expelled from Bainbridge Island
Humanities 103 students at Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial

Because we believe in the value of leaving the classroom and learning from the world around us, our Winter and Spring courses are built on what we call a "study abroad at home" model. In the Winter, our field trips occur during the regular class period.  In the Spring, our field trips are scheduled for Saturdays, and last from a few hours to most of the day.  All transportation and entrance fees are covered by the program, and for our Spring field trips, so is lunch!  Read more below.


In the Winter, our field trips take us around the campus and into the UW community, as we learn more about what humanists do out in the world and why it's important.  This year HUM 102 will visit the Burke Museum of Natural History (how does a space interact with its visitors?) and the office of the University of Washington Press (what does it take to make a book?), and will have a visit from the great staff of KUOW Public Radio, who will tell us how their humanities education got them into radio, and what they do there.  There will be a bonus (and optional) weekend field trip—when the weather permits—as we follow the Indigenous People's Walking Tour and learn more about the unceded Duwamish land the UW occupies. 


In the Spring, our field trips—all scheduled for Saturdays and all costs included—take us into the larger Seattle and Puget Sound community, as we learn more about the histories, voices, and spaces of our area.  This year, HUM 103 will visit the Seattle Asian Art Museum and Volunteer Park Conservatory; the International District (a guided walking tour); south Seattle's Kubota Garden and Duwamish Longhouse and archaeological site; and—last but hardly least—the Suquamish Reservation and Museum and the Bainbridge Island Japanese American Exclusion Memorial.