Learn more about who is eligible for Humanities First, how to register as a newly admitted UW first year student, and get a feel for what a year in Humanities First looks like. You can also stay up to date with current Humanities First student projects and events by following us on Instagram!

Eligibility and registration

All entering first year students are eligible for the Humanities First program, and are invited to register for HUM 101, the first course in the series. Priority registration will be offered to admitted applicants if you have indicated interest in the Humanities in your application materials or if you did so when you signed up for your Advising & Orientation day—we’ll hold you a spot. If you miss the priority registration period, don’t worry: once you have had your Advising & Orientation meeting (which will happen the summer before you arrive on campus), you are welcome to register for Humanities First—come find us in MyPlan!

While students who completed HUM 101 will be given priority consideration for HUM 102 and HUM 103, these latter courses are open to all UW undergraduates. 



  • Autumn Quarter: HUM 101 (3 credits): 50-minute lectures on Monday and Wednesday and a 50-minute section on Friday, where you will discuss the week’s readings and work on team projects.  By the second week of the term, you will have produced the “skeleton” of your E-Portfolio, which will be shared with your class—it’s a great “get to know you!”
  • Winter Quarter: HUM 102 (2 credits): one one-hour class meeting per week: six 50-minute seminar discussions and four excursions* around the UW Seattle campus.
  • Spring Quarter: HUM 103 (2 credits): one class meeting per week: six 50-minute seminar discussions and four day-long excursions* around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest.

NOTE: all HUM 103 excursions take place on Saturday; transportation, lunch, and all entry fees are included.


We end the year with a celebration for Humanities First students, as well as your instructors, TAs, and invited family and friends. Students who complete the entire series will earn the designation “Humanities First Scholar;” all students will receive training in producing an E-Portfolio and will earn experience in professional and public-facing scholastic writing.

For a description of this year’s program, as well as previous years’ programs, please see the Program Page.

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