Opportunities with the Humanities Division

Within the Humanities Division, each department has established their own sets of awards and opportunities to help support and celebrate their students. These can range from scholarships designed to assist those students with demonstrated financial need, to prizes which reward academic excellence, to assistance for students studying abroad.

As a starting point for your scholarship search, we've put together a centralized list of departmental scholarships and awards from the Humanities Division. For more information, you can reach out to the department, or set up an appointment with an advisor through Humanities Academic Services


Asian Languages and Literature

Examples include: the Turrell V. Wylie Memorial Scholarship, the Henry S. Tatsumi Scholarship, and the Scott H. Swaner Memorial Book Award.




Examples include: the Jim Greenfield Undergraduate Scholarship and the Meg Greenfield Essay Prize.



Comparative History of Ideas

Examples include: the John and Eleanor Toews Awards, the CHID Student Research Awards, and the Colin Wang Memorial Scholarship.




Examples include: the Argentine Daley Endowed Fund for Undergraduate Students, the Peter L. Thorpe Scholarship Fund, and the Eilert Anderson Endowed Fund. 


Students focusing on Creative Writing also can apply for specialized scholarships and prizes, such as the Charlotte Paul Reese Fiction Award, the Edith K. Draham Scholarship, and the Joan Grayston Poetry Prize.



Near Eastern Languages & Civilization

Examples include: the Easa A Bata Fellowships, Hooshang Afrassiabi Student Prize, Naficy Scholarship in Persian Studies.



Scandinavian Studies

Examples include: the Ann-Marie and Gunnar Gavel Endowment, Gertrude D. Holdal Fund, and Consul Paul O. Nielsen Education Fund.



Slavic Studies

Examples include: the Slavic Excellence Prizes, Oley Fomin Scholarship, and Vadim Pahn Scholarship.



General Scholarship Resources

Looking for even more information about scholarships? No problem! Humanities students qualify for a VAST number of university-wide scholarships and awards. You can read about more these resources from the Office Of Merit Scholarships, Fellowships & Awards, as well as undergraduate scholarships through the Financial Aid Scholarship Services Office.