From tech executives to private business owners, across the world and in every walk of life, graduates of the UW Humanities Divison are forging fulfilling, inspiring, and even unexpected careers. We've asked a few of them to update us on where they've taken their humanities degrees, and how that education has helped to shape the work they do. Find out who our currently highlighted alum is here, or you can review the full list of alumni responses below.



A selfie of Jesse Anarde and his wife smiling, with the text "Black Lives Matter" superimposed in yellow writing
Jesse Anarde (Classical Studies and History): Head of Technical Support Engineering, Meta




Megan Arnold in a dark jacket and loose hair standing on a bridge with a row of buildings in the background
Megan Arnold (French and International Studies): Associate Analyst for International Labor Standards, Walt Disney Co. 




Chris Banbury smiling
Chris Banbury (Comparative History of Ideas): President of Global Operations, Conflux Network




Josh Belzman, wearing grey glasses, smiling in front of a grey background
Joshua Belzman (English and Communications): Senior Analytics Manager, Courier Newsroom




Bénédicte Bicaba, smiling to camera in a vivid green dress with floral pattern in front of a grey wall.
Bénédicte Bicaba (French and Anthropology): Co-founder and President, Botiminto; Institutional Partnerships Associate, Muso




Camille Elmore-Trummer smiling while seated on a bench in front of a river
Camille Elmore-Trummer (Comparative History of Ideas and Communication): Community Engagement Director, Brink Communications




Joshua Glassmyer smiling
Joshua Glassmyer (Germanics): Founder of ermöglichen




Lokela Alex Minami Smiling
Lokela Alexander Minami (Germanics and Political Science): Community Engagement Manager, Seattle Opera




Matthew Moore smiling
Matthew Moore (English): Producer and Experience Manager, Microsoft




David Ryder posed in three-quarter profile in front of a white background.
 David Ryder (Comparative History of Ideas): Independent Photographer and Filmmaker




Michael Seguin standing next to a dance floor with dancers facing away from the camera. The photo is in black and white.
Michael Seguin (Classics and Latin): Owner, The Mobtown Ballroom




Emily Shea smiling
Emily Shea (Chinese): Senior Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services




Marie Shimada smiling
Marie Shimada (Comparative History of Ideas): Executive Director, Snoqualmie Valley Preservation Alliance




Maggie Le smiling in a Japanese shopping center
Maggie Le (Japanese and Journalism): Editor (Kodansha), Penguin Random House




Amanda Tollefson smiling next to the American and Ecuadorian flags
 Amanda Tollefson (Spanish and Comparative History of Ideas): Foreign Service Officer, US Department of State




Maureen Trantham smiling in front of a soft dark green background.
Maureen Trantham (Comparative History of Ideas and Journalism): Senior VP, Operations, Impact and Philathropy, Sesame Workshop




Hana Ryan Wilson softly smiling in front of a white background
 Hana Ryan Wilson (Comparative History of Ideas): Head of Strategy, Talkable